McKinsey & Company Research highlight's Eight19's approach to develop targeted customer offerings

April 20, 2012

A McKinsey & Company research report into the solar-power industry suggests that "the overall solar market will continue to grow—even though subsidies are expected to dry up."

Under the recommendations to 'develop targeted customer offerings,' the report highlights Eight19's work with Indigo:

"Companies could partner with local project developers to gain access to reliable distribution channels and secure access to finance for projects that carry risks specific to emerging markets. They could also partner with companies that already deliver products and services. For example, Eight19, a solar-PV start-up, partnered with SolarAid, a nonprofit, to provide Kenyans with bundled products and services that include solar-powered LED lighting and phone-charging options. Customers pay for the services as they use them via scratchcards validated through a text-message service. These products are inexpensive to manufacture, and the innovative pay-as-you-go approach enables partners to address some of the financing challenges that might otherwise stymie their efforts to serve poor communities."

Read the full report "Solar power's next shining" on the McKinsey & Company website.