World Energy Forum: "Eight19 is breaking new ground"

April 30, 2012

"The IndiGo Pay as You Go system appears to deliver a much needed answer to the energy needs of millions in the developing world."

The World Energy Forum has highlighted how Eight19 is "breaking new ground"  in the struggle to provide underdeveloped and poverty stricken communities with affordable power.

"The company is creatively tackling the issue of providing electricity to over 1 billion people without access to an electrical grid via its simple, yet ingenious IndiGo Solar Power system; a unique pay as you go photovoltaic concept that supplies cheap and sustainable energy. The system is ideal for poor and disenfranchised populations across the globe and has demonstrated significant success in Kenya and South Sudan. Utilizing the technique of solar printing, the company is able to produce comparatively inexpensive solar cells, which are flexible and lightweight and use an organic semiconductor.

This low cost technology in combination with battery storage capacity allows previously kerosene dependent communities to transition to more affordable and safe solar power. The system has no reported negative economic or environmental implications. Customers are receiving a cost savings in comparison to kerosene purchases and the confidence of regular, uninterrupted power that is easily adaptable to the needs of daily life."

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