Wireless Devices

Micro-generation and electronics for a world of energy-autonomous, connected smart devices.

We live in an increasingly connected world. Sensors monitor, alert and advise us wherever we are. The Internet of Things (IoT) is massively increasing the transmission and use of data. But sensors, data processing, wireless systems and actuators all require electrical power.

In today’s workplaces and homes, connection to the grid for supply or battery power can be replaced by localised energy harvesting, with Eight 19’s plastic solar panels converting available indoor light into versatile electrical power.

At Eight19, we focus on energy-autonomous applications in health care, retail and infrastructure – including equipment tracking, remote monitoring, logistics, predictive maintenance and security.

Eight19 designs customised electronics and software to facilitate trials and development of wireless and IoT applications.

The Eight19 solution is:

  • Energy-autonomous, reliable and capable of long-range connectivity
  • Excellent for low level illumination and artificial light
  • Lightweight and robust

Efficient indoors, robust and flexible

Contact us to see how energy-harvesting technology can be integrated efficiently into your connected application – enabling the future.

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