Outdoor Off-Grid Power

Flexible plastic solar cells provide off-grid supply – even in remote locations.

Multiple categories of assets such as containers, large aerospace components and remotely located tools require continued tracking during transit and use.

Some 1.3 billion people have no access to grid electricity – a number projected to barely change with some 1.2 billion people still forecast to be without electricity by 2030.

Eight19 plastic solar modules are light, flexible in deployment and resistant to shock. They provide an effective solution for off-grid power generation in communities without access to power and a rugged solution for asset tracking .

Eight19 can design and supply solutions for personal charging or 2G/3G enabled connectivity and tracking.

The Eight19 solution is:

  • Lightweight
  • Robust to shock and impact
  • Economic to distribute
  • Non toxic
  • Effective in bright and low light

Reliable, robust and easy to deploy

Contact us to see how plastic solar cell technology can be integrated efficiently into your application – no matter how remote.

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