Ready for Retail

In-store promotion and logistics using self-powered lighting, sensors and wireless system

Brand purchase decisions are often made right at the point of sale. Advertising and product data inform consumer decisions at the point of browsing the product on the shelf and in supermarket aisles.

Manufacturers and retailers need up to date ways of promoting and tracking goods throughout their stores. Constant tracking of goods from warehouse to shelf is essential to ensure zero stock outs and effective inventory management.

Eight 19’s plastic solar cells harvest ambient energy and can be placed at thousands of locations across retail environments, from store shelves to warehouse locations, where mains power is often not readily available.

Eight19 designs and supplies customised devices, electronics and support software to facilitate trials and development of retail and point-of-sale applications.

The Eight19 solution is:

  • Energy-autonomous, connected and low-maintenance
  • Efficient in indoor and low light
  • Robust
  • Easy to ship and install

Instant power in-store

Contact us to see how plastic solar cell technology can be integrated efficiently into your retail environment – maximising customer appeal and operational efficiency.

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