Connected Energy-Autonomous Electronics

Eight19’s technology enables radical improvements in healthcare logistics and other areas. Real-time equipment tracking, condition monitoring and other services bring new efficiencies to hospital operations, while our low-power wireless electronics and energy harvesting greatly simplify battery management and maintenance. Industries from retail and warehousing to security and infrastructure can also benefit.

We can supply integrated demonstration units with a wide range of power, sensing and wireless specifications: contact us with your application requirements and we will be able to advise on the best solution.


OPV Solutions

Eight19 can supply standard and customised OPV modules for indoor energy harvesting or for outdoor, off-grid applications. Contact us with your application requirements and we can advise on the best size and specifications. We can customise the performance and appearance of our OPV modules to suit most applications. In addition, we can provide a range of associated electronics and integrated demonstrators to fast-track your tests and field trials.

Silicon PV Enhancement

Eight19 is developing a low-cost, thin-film technology for use with silicon photovoltaics to deliver a substantial increase in power output.



Contact us to discuss your ideas for any application – we’re here to solve your problems.

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